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I Have Not Received My Crypto Deposit
I Have Not Received My Crypto Deposit

Why a deposit may not have been received

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All bitcoin, litecoin, and ethereum transactions must be confirmed on the blockchain before they will go to their desired destination (in this case, Roobet). This is a completely automatic process that ensures your transaction is fully processed before reaching its destination. Unfortunately there is no way to speed this up, as it is entirely automatic, and all you can do is wait for it to be confirmed.

The time this process takes is fully dependent on the state of the network (if it’s congested, under heavy demand, etc. it can cause transactions to take longer to confirm) as well as the fee used on the transaction (higher fee = faster confirmation). Ethereum transactions generally confirm faster than bitcoin transactions, but there can still be delays on the ethereum network if it is congested. For bitcoin, you can check the level of congestion on the blockchain here: - if that chart is spiking near or above 30m, that is usually when increased transaction times are seen.

Please note that while some deposits are instant, not all deposits qualify for instant deposit - there is nothing we can do to make a depo be instant if it did not qualify. If you have recently deposited and it was not completed instantly, it will have to go through the blockchain confirmation process described above first.

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