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I Have Not Received My Withdrawal
I Have Not Received My Withdrawal
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We send all withdrawals instantly, as soon as they are requested. Unfortunately, we do not have a given time of when your withdrawal will arrive into your wallet as the transaction must be confirmed by the blockchain. You are able to track your deposit by putting the transaction ID from under the notifications’ tab in the search bar of for BTC, for LTC, for ETH/USDT/USDC, or by using for XRP. It is not abnormal for your withdrawal to come through at a later time, as this is dependent on its confirmation.

Each wallet has their own confirmation requirements we just need to wait for your transaction to be confirmed on the blockchain. You would have to contact your wallet provider for more information regarding their requirements.

The time the confirmations can take varies quite a bit and is totally reliant on the status of the blockchain, you do not have to do anything further at this time. Hold tight and you should receive your withdrawal soon.

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