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Details about Roowards and how they work

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Roowards provides three different types of rewards based on your activity over different lengths of time. They are all unique from each other and prioritize different areas of your activity.

  • Daily - Rakeback - share of the house edge on your wagers - the more you bet, the more you will receive in rakeback.

  • Weekly - Cashback - loss back reward on your wagers and losses (depo minus withdrawals) made over the last week, it's important to note it's not solely rakeback but generally the bigger loss you are at through wagers, the more you'll receive back.

  • Monthly - Bonus - the monthly bonus primarily looks at your overall losses (deposits minus withdrawals) for a greater span of time (the overall month) and takes into account many other factors such as your deposit rate, wins, losses, and a lot more to provide you with the best and most competitive reward possible.

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It is a common misconception that the monthly Rooward will be bigger than the weekly Rooward however that is not always the case as they are calculated using different formulas and different periods of time.

We are excited to provide the best system in the industry giving players better rewards than ever!

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