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Promo codes are unique codes that users can redeem in exchange for instant rewards. Typically these reward a balance amount ranging anywhere from $0.15 to $0.50 and have a limited amount of times they can be claimed, you can find these codes on our Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram. Partnered and sponsored streamers are also given promo codes to distribute to the community from time to time; be sure to keep an eye out and be an active part of the Roobet Twitch community so you don’t miss out on these rewards!

There are two types of promo codes that we offer, non depositor promo codes and depositor promo codes. Please note that to be eligible for depositor promo codes you must have deposited $5 within the past 7 days, so it is important to stay active if you wish to redeem one!

Once you have redeemed the desired promo code, you should receive the following message on your screen:

This means that the promo code redemption was successful and you should have received the rewards. However, this will also display when you redeem a referral/affiliate code.

You can tell if you have successfully redeemed an affiliate/referral code and not a promo code as you will see your RooWards level up to level 1 due to this being the reward given to referred users. This image shows what your RooWards levelling up will look like:

If you have already redeemed the code, regardless of it being a promo or affiliate/referral code, you will see the following message displayed on your screen as you cannot redeem the same promo code twice or use more than one referral code on your account.

Lastly, if you redeem a code that doesn’t exist, or expired a code that has expired and been removed from our system, you will see the following message informing you the code doesn’t exist:

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