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More Sports Betting Options

Information on how to find more ways to bet on a given game in sports betting

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If you wish to bet on more specific events/outcomes of a match taking place, you can do so on our sports betting page. For any given sport there are many more in depth betting options to choose from when on the sports betting page.

For example, as you can see below, to get to more in depth betting options you simply need to click on the sport, then click on the game in question and many more specific betting options should become available for different outcomes within the match.

The above options, although they look similar, are different. This is because the ‘Match Winner’ option for the outcome of the game only takes into account regulation time for the game, whereas ‘Match Winner Including All OT’ also takes into account any overtime minutes played after the game in the event of a draw in regulation. This betting option will be available for most sports that have overtime periods of any sort, such as basketball.

In addition, there are bet options including handicaps and betting on outcomes of specific quarters/halves of a game as seen above. Handicaps are essentially betting on outcomes of a game but adding on additional points or subtracting points from a teams total score to the outcome and betting on whether they will still win. You can also reliably find "over/under" bets whether the points total for a game will be above or below a specific number.

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