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More information on how Free Play offers work.

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Free Play offers can be completed through the Free Play tab here to earn some free funds!

Your funds will be automatically transferred into your currently selected Roobet wallet once Lootably detects a completed offer. Completing surveys unfaithfully will result in a ban from surveys. All earnings from offers do not count as "real" deposits to unlock certain features on-site.

Lootably: 1 point = $1. Offertoro: 100 points = $1.

Generally offers will be paid out immediately, however if you do not receive your funds we recommend waiting 24 hours, as the funds should be added to your account by then. If you have still not received them by then, we recommend contacting the Offerwall's support for further assistance.

You can contact Lootably's support here: Please click "Support" through the Free page first though to see the progress of your survey.

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