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How to Deposit using MuchBetter
How to Deposit using MuchBetter

This article details how to place a deposit into Roobet using MuchBetter.

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We off a variety of different deposit methods here at Roobet, and one of these methods is depositing via MuchBetter. Before you can deposit into your Roobet account using MuchBetter, you must first:

  1. Sign up for MuchBetter and create a MuchBetter account.

  2. Deposit funds in your MuchBetter e-wallet

  3. Log in to your Roobet account

Once you have completed the above steps, you will be able to use MuchBetter to deposit into your Roobet account.

  1. Open the deposit tab by clicking this link here, or selecting "Deposit" at the top of the homepage.

  2. Next, select "Cash" via the drop-down menu to ensure that you have your cash balance selected, and then make sure that you have "MuchBetter" selected from the available options. These options will vary by location, however "MuchBetter" will only be available in some locations.

  3. Enter the amount you wish to deposit (the minimum deposit amount is $10) and the phone number linked to your MuchBetter account, and then select "Deposit".

  4. You will then need to complete the transaction through your MuchBetter app.

  5. You will receive a notification on Roobet showing that your depo has gone through and is now in your balance. Your deposited amount will now show in your Cash Balance, and you are all set to use your newly deposited funds on Roobet!

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