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This article provides more information on our Welcome Offer Free Spins promotion for new players.

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We now offer up to $80 in free spins for new players on Roobet after their first deposit!

How does it work? After your first deposit, as you wager on slots and reach the wager requirements indicated below, you earn free spins on different slots, increasing in value as you wager more!

  1. Tier 1: $400 wagered on slots - Unlocks 25 free spins worth $0.40 each on The Roo House

  2. Tier 2: $1,000 wagered on slots - Unlocks 20 free spins worth $1.00 each on Rip City

  3. Tier 3: $2,500 wagered on slots - Unlocks 25 free spins worth $2.00 each on Roo Bonanza

The wager requirement for each tier is cumulative - $400 is tier 1, $1,000 is tier 2 - once you hit tier 1 you have to gamble $600 more to get to tier 2, not $1,000 more.

Requirements and General Information:

  • Players must first deposit any amount in order to be eligible

  • Only new registrations are eligible

  • Only slot wagers earn progress towards free spins tiers

  • The wager requirement is cumulative, meaning that your progress towards one tier also counts towards the next tiers

  • Links to each of these games will appear in your notification center as each tier is earned!

  • Free spins that may be won during the course of a game do NOT apply towards wagered amount. Wagered amount is funds leaving your Roobet Wallet and being gambled

Additional information regarding this promotion can be found here: https://promotions.roobet.com/promotions/welcome-offer

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