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How do Sportsbook Free Bets work?
How do Sportsbook Free Bets work?

This article details how sportsbook free bets work as well as where to find them.

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When you receive a Free Bet, you will receive a notification on-site to let you know.

How to use your free bets:

  1. Navigate to the sportsbook here.

  2. The gift box in the top right corner of your betslip will be lit up and green to indicate that you have an active bonus.

  3. Select the green gift box. This will open up more information about what your sportsbook bonus entails, the timeframe that it is active for, as well as let you know what events this bonus can be used on.

  4. Select the match/event that you would like to use your free bet on. In your betslip, you will have the option to use your bonus on this bet. To use it, select "Use Bonus".

  5. This will redirect you to another page to confirm if you would like to use your bonus on this bet. Select "Use Bonus" to use your bonus on this bet.

  6. Select "Place Bet" to place your bet.

  7. Your bet will then play out the same way as any other sportsbet, however depending on the kind of Free Bet you received a few different things can happen:

    1. If you received a Freemoney bet you will receive the winnings and the free bet amount that was credited

    2. Bet Refund - You will receive the wins in the case of a win, otherwise your Free Bet will be consumed, removing the value of the Free Bet but not impacting your wallet balance

    3. No Risk Bet - This wager will be made with your wallet balance (instead of a free bet balance), if the wager is lost, the funds will be returned

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