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Opt-in Mission Promotions

This article provides more information on our Mission promotions.

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Mission Promotions is a number of tasks that you must complete in a set amount of time to receive a reward.

Mission Promotions are available for a specific timeframe, therefore you must complete all missions listed within that timeframe in order to receive the reward. All bets must be placed on the selected Slot Game(s) for that specific promotion. Some Mission promotions do require minimum bet amounts, however not all will.

As this does vary from promotion to promotion, there is typically a number of tasks in which you must complete each one to receive the reward. The reward will be made available immediately, latest within 60 (sixty) minutes of you completing the mission.

Some Mission Promotions can be Opt-In only, therefore you need to opt-in to the promotion (by selecting the "Opt-in" button on the promotion page) in order to be eligible. If you did not select this option, sadly you are not eligible for this promotion.

You can Opt-In through the email or the mission itself.

It is important to reference the Terms of the promotion as each Mission Promotion does vary. You may find this here under our Promotions page:

Our general bonus and promotion policy can be found here

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