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How to Deposit and Withdraw with Interac
How to Deposit and Withdraw with Interac

This article outlines how you can deposit and withdraw to your account with Interac.

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We off a variety of different deposit/withdraw methods here at Roobet, and one of these methods is depositing and withdrawing via Interac. To deposit/withdraw into your Roobet account using Interac please follow these steps:

Depositing to your Roobet account with Interac:

  1. Upon choosing Interac as your deposit method, you would then select the amount you would like to send and adding your mobile phone number.

2. Upon clicking the 'Deposit' button, it will take you to the confirmation page where you will click 'Continue transaction' to proceed.

3. Next, you will be redirected to Gigadat where you log into your online banking portal and select Interac e-Transfer. You will also add the other requested information before the time runs out.

4. Once the above is completed and you click 'Return to Merchant', it will take you to the next two pages below where you will add the requested information.

6. Upon clicking 'Continue', it will have you review the transfer details before completing and sending the deposit.

7. Once this is completed, you will receive the following confirmation on that this has been sent.

8. You will also receive an email confirmation once this depo is sent from Interac's end.

Please note that if you do not receive your deposit right away, in some cases, it may take more time to come through to your account.

Withdrawing from your Roobet account with Interac: ​​

  1. Upon choosing Interac as your withdraw method, you would input the amount you are withdrawing, your email address, and mobile phone number.

1. After clicking the 'Withdrawal' button, it will have you confirm the transaction as shown below:

3. Once completing this step on, you will receive a notification from once this is completed.

4. Once received, you will receive an confirmation from Gigadat that a withdrawal request was received and explaining these next steps to accepting these funds.

6. To accept these funds, you will be sent a password to your registered email address. You will use this to complete the following with Interac.

7. After completing the above, it will ask you which financial institution you wish to have your funds to go to.

9. It will have you enter the password that was sent to you via text message or email.

Please note that once a deposit is completed from our end, it may take 1-3 business days to come through to your financial institution's end.

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