Crash Issues

Covering various issues potentially encountered in crash, why they happen, and how to avoid them.

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Crash is a game which solely relies on your connection to Roobet. The rounds are played out in real-time therefore the strength and stability of your network and device are absolutely paramount to a fluid experience.

Here are a few reasons why issues may occur:

  • Lag occurred with the device or network you use upon attempting to cashout, causing the response not to be transmitted to Roobet’s servers in time

  • An attempt to cashout close to the crash point was made and due to latency (a small delay) present over the internet, your response was not received in time

  • Instability due to the use of a mobile device

  • Use of a VPN or Proxy connecting you to another network can impede the quality of your connection to Roobet, we highly suggest disabling them

How can I be sure this wasn’t a site issue? - Roobet has an automatic refund system in place, if a site-wide or server sided issue affected the round, this results in the bet being automatically refunded.

Can I receive a refund if I clicked cash out, but it didn’t let me?- We do understand it is frustrating when these issues are experienced, however we are unable to refund for client-side connection issues due to this being out of our control.

How can I prevent this from happening again? - In the case of not being able to cashout due to the reasons above, we suggest taking full advantage of our Autocashout feature. It will automatically cash you out to the multiplier that you set, even in times of client-side latency issues.

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