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How to set up two factor authentication, where to find your code

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Two Factor Authentication (Commonly referred to as 2FA) is a security method in which a code is sent to a device that is linked to an account via an authentication app such as Authy or Google Authenticator.

This is a highly recommended method to greatly increase the security of your account, and if you haven't already we suggest you do this immediately. To start, you will need to install a 2FA application onto your phone or desktop (we recommend Authy) then navigate to your Roobet security page found here.

You will then need to click the ‘Enable Two-Factor Authentication’ slider found at the bottom of that page. Once you have clicked the slider, you will then be given a page to scan a QR code to link your Roobet account to the 2FA app you installed, along with a secret recovery key, which you should save and not share with anyone as this can be used to remove 2FA from your account. To enable 2FA on your mobile device, you would use the Two-Factor Secret code given to you and copy/paste this under the setup key on your authenticator app.

Once you have scanned the QR code or entered the secret recovery key under the setup key, please input the code you see on the app under "Roobet - (Your Username)". Once this is done 2FA should be enabled on your account. The code will look as follows - a new one is generated every 30 seconds for security purposes:

You can check at anytime if your 2FA is enabled or disabled by checking the slider on your Account Security page, it should be green like the image below:

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