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How to Reset Password
How to Reset Password

Please refer to this article for a guide on how to go about resetting your password should it be forgotten

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In the event you have forgotten your Roobet password, you will need to click the ‘Reset Password’ button shown on the Roobet login page and enter the email you used to verify your account then click ‘Continue.’

Do not click off this screen as you may need to redo the process over again as you will need to enter information sent to your email on the page you are sent to on Roobet.

You will then be sent a recovery code to your email that you will need to insert into the ‘Recovery Code’ field on the page.

Please open your email in another tab or device and insert the recovery code along with your desired password you wish to change to. Once you have done this you will be able to login with your new password!

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